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The two factors considered by best practice professionals in talent acquisition as most critical to business are the quality of hire and time to fill. Getting the right talents for specific business requirements is a major concern for HR and management in general.

At SkillStride Global Academy, we Provide the following Outsourcing services:

Staff Management
Permanent Recruitment
Background check
Talent and Skill Management
Performance Appraisal and Management
Manpower Outsourcing

And we are also committed to delivering on both these requirements, on time, the first time, every time. We specialize in all categories of strategic, operational and tactical talent acquisition for companies. We are able to recruit any level for staff, from shop-floor to business head, Supervisors, Marketers, and Sales Reps to Sales Executives, Drivers and Artisans to Managing Director/Chief Executive.

Reasons you might Need Our Personnel Outsourcing Services:

  • There is a growing need to manage employee cost and the huge burden of managing a large workforce.

  • Regulatory pressure on employers make business environment more challenging

  • Outsourcing certain levels of your workforce may offer the opportunity to focus on issues of higher strategic importance

  • We have a proven result-oriented process, the experience and necessary for success

  • We provide our employees with a competitive welfare package including health insurance cover and paid annual leave.

  • We will remove the burden associated with contractual obligations of employment

  • We offer end-to-end services and take the challenges and associated cost of recruiting, training, managing, retaining and manpower planning away from you.

  • We recruit diverse categories of professionals.


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